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KASCO SharpTech Grinder Plates & Knives

KASCO SharpTech plates and knives are designed to minimize contact between the plate and knife, producing a cool cutting surface that not only results in fresher, more attractive product but also extends product case life. Sharp, longer-lasting cutting surfaces help produce consistent product and less waste resulting from poorly cut and mashed meat.


There simply is no finer resharpenable grinding system available today. Precision engineered of high–strenght hardened stainless tool steel, Powermate plates and knives are ideal for all large volume meat grinding operations or high horsepower machinery.

Both plates and knives can be inexpensively sharpened over and over to provide years of cutting life—a cost efficiency measure that can reduce overhead and boost profit margins.


SharpTech Double–Cut plate and knife system has been proven by years of satisfied customer use. Today, this self–sharpening system is still easily the most advanced in the industry.

One primary feature is a thinner plate design, which produces cooler cutting with less spoilage. And the super–sharp knives truly cut —rather than mash —meat into attractive continuous strands, so your product will hold its bloom longer and enjoy noticeably increased shelf life.

The Double–Cut knives give added strength over insert type knives and permit much easier, thorough cleaning than bars attached with screws or rivets. Since these are solid knives, they inhibit bacteria formation and promote a more sanitary operation.


The Total–Mated Grinding System With Quadruple Cutting Life
KASCO SharpTech presents the ideal solution for meat processing operations such as chain stores that need a sharply balanced blend of quality performance, economy, durability and versatility.

The Criteria Throwaway Grinding System consists of one exceptionally durable plate and four knives total–mated to deliver quadruple cutting life.


The Low-Cost High–Performance Alternative
KASCO SharpTech also offers the Atco Standard Throwaway Grinding System. It’s an economical system that fully meets the needs of price- conscious operators. Examples of excellent applications would be in hotels and restaurants, just to name two of many.

The Atco Standard System is a high–quality KASCO SharpTech product, yet it enjoys the crucial advantage of being highly competitive in pricing with disposable European plates and knives. So you’re always assured of both a quick and dependable supply, as well as cost stability.

The components are made of high grade low–alloy steel, fully tested to insure very sharp cutting surfaces that will produce uniformly blended ground meat with superior consumer appeal.




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